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Have You heard before about Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. Every blogger have dream to become successful blogger. Now the term successful blogger include most important thing and that is affiliate marketing. Are you with best Affiliate link management WordPress plugin ? Which helps you increase your sales? Here is awesome Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review.

Most of bloggers & newbie affiliate marketers are still struggling. They want to make huge money with Affiliate marketing, But due to lack of optimization they can’t. The optimization of an affiliate link is easy when you are using the right tool. Today I am introducing you a free WordPress affiliate link management plugin. That comes with amazing add-ons to let you make more money with affiliate marketing.

This plugin addon & bundle is awesome. More in it later, for now let’s have a look at the review of ThirstyAffiliate plugin.

Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review

The Thirstyaffiliate WordPress plugin is free & you can download it from here. This Affiliate link management plugin comes with all the feature which Go codes. Along with that, there are many advanced feature. which I have mentioned below. In this review you’ll know about the amazing addons. which makes this best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress.

Once you have downloaded and installed plugin, go to ThirstyAffiliate plugin settings. This is where you will make onetime setup of all major features and then your work of adding a link will pretty easy.

I am using Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin in recent months. Getting more CTR. So this is the time to write ThirstyAffiliates opinion. Lots of affiliate marketers find good affiliate link management plugin. ThirstyAffiliates is one of the great plugin that  every blogger should have. You must know about, why they need management software affiliate network or software.

Why software management affiliate network or software is needed?

If you often use affiliate links in your website or blog. Then you must use a network management software affiliate or plugin. The reason to use a network management software affiliate may be many, I am listing some of them.

  1. Your readers does not like affiliate links. As they may feel that you are promoting them products and get commissions for that. Software management affiliate plugin plays important role. It puts a links hidden and pointing to your own website. As This is called camouflage ties. In this way, users do not know that they are using affiliate links or not.
  2. If you are using an affiliate link in a lot of and now pages link member has died then, what will you do. You may need to change the affiliate network pages manually and is a time taking process. With the network management software affiliate simply change the relationship once. It will be to help you save your time and give you more options to experiment with affiliate marketing. You can try changing pages Affiliate destiny by changing affiliate link in one place.
  3. Knowing affiliate link performance (clicks on affiliate links) is important for each affiliate. Yes, you can get this information from your affiliate program or network. But what if you are using a lot of programs and affiliate networks? With the network management software affiliate you can follow all links performance. This is another time-saving feature in the software management affiliate network.

This is another time saving feature in affiliate link management software. There are many more benefits of using the affiliate link management software or plugin. ThirstyAffiliates Comes With many features Including what I have listed above.

ThirstyAffiliates is WordPress plugin for managing affiliate network. Since this is a WordPress plugin that can not be used as a standalone software. I will not tell the details ThirstyAffiliates list features only a short list. You can check all features on the website ThirstyAffiliates.

  • Link cloaking / shortening
  • URL link prefixes Customizable
  • Options DoFollow / NoFollow
  • Open affiliate link in a new window option
  • can add images to affiliate links
  • affiliate link statistics tool for analysis click
  • Web crawler robot and blocking statistics
  • Quick Stats on the screen List link affiliate
  • Automatic linking keywords add
  • automatically add affiliates around the site

I used some plugins management affiliate links before. But I was not satisfied with them so consider switching to a new plugin. But there was some concern before moving to a new plugin. As already using the plugin, and there were a lot of pages with an affiliate link. To switch to another plugin means that I had to change affiliate on each page. This could be a difficult task. I was looking for a plugin that can make it easy. ThirstyAffiliates comes with Addon Importer (with the Premium version). You can import affiliate links, MBP Ninja Affiliate Programs and updates affiliates links automatically. This solved my concern to update affiliate links.

What I like ThirstyAffiliates

Easy installation: ThirstyAffiliates settings are easy. Not make you confused and can easily change as needed.

Adding Link: Add a new affiliate network easily with ThirstyAffiliates.  Just enter the link name, affiliate URL, select the category of membership and save it. You can add a new affiliate link in just 30 seconds.

An Application : Add link affiliate to a keyword is very easy in ThirstyAffiliates. ThirstyAffiliates plugin adds an icon in the toolbar of the addition of a new post or page. By Clicking ThirstyAffiliates icon, you can choose link you want to insert or can search for link. In one click, you can convert a keyword into affiliate network. And if  choose affiliate link NoFollow and opens in a new window these adjustments can be auto apply.

Statistics: With statistical supplement you can track all your clicks. As number of clicks received for affiliate links or a particular affiliate link. This helps me to track the performance of an affiliate link.

ThirstyAffiliates opinion

Addon AutoLinker: Recently Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin have added Addon AutoLinker. (Comes with only the Professional version), which can convert certain word  into affiliate link. In this way, you can increase your affiliate earnings.

Support: When you buy a premium Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. Your first expectation is to win support. Support is impressive ThirstyAffiliates get a quick response and with the correct answer.

Prices: Prices of ThirstyAffiliates is reasonable. ThirstyAffiliates offers three options and all plans.. That is the best part ThirstyAffiliates Price starts from $39 for the standard version. Which may be fine for a lot of bloggers. The Premium version, which costs $59 and comes with two accessories importer Addons. The Professional version includes all the features and also Addon AutoLinker and cost $79.

If ThirstyAffiliates buy?

If you do something under your affiliate marketing blog, then you should use ThirstyAffiliates. It is a great product with good support. And this will not disappoint you.  This ThirstyAffiliates plugin  comes with 60 days satisfaction warranty .

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing & Discount coupon

As I mentioned above, this plugin is free of cost & you can download it from WordPress repo here. The addons are available as a single purchase, or you can buy the bundle. Here is the pricing for different bundle.



Since they are offering a huge discount of 35%, I would recommend buying the bundle. I purchased The lot bundle that gave me access to all the addons & I can use it on unlimited sites. This is one-time offer that you should not miss & grab it before it’s gone.

In upcoming post, I will share how to use addons of Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. For now, I would like to  know your review of Thirstyaffiliates WordPress plugin. Do share about this plugin & offer with your blogger  friends.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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Build A Website and Get Your Feet Wet In Affiliate Marketing Mon, 05 Oct 2015 03:24:53 +0000 To get a chance that you have a business on the web, you have to build a website. A website will give you lots of opportunities, and also, recognizes you on the Internet. When I builmy site, I went on the reason of “needing to figure out how to do it” as I experience the substance of building my business. I understand now, that despite the fact that I adapted a considerable amount, it did moderate my advancement down. Perused on, I’ll let you know need I mean.Build Website Start Affiliate Marketing

A Little History First

In the wake of endeavoring to writing on the Internet – you’re correct – my first novice trick. It wasn’t a genuine trick, in light of the fact that I was paid. In any case, I put in extend periods of time for, next to no pay. Does that read green, guileless amateur on top of it? Yes, I’m apprehensive it does. Evidently, I surrendered that and started searching for something that would give me a reasonable wage – member showcasing was the answer. In this way, my experience started.

Getting a Web Host and Domain

Indeed, after much understanding, I understood I expected to get a web host and a space in the event that I was searching for a whole deal endeavor at making it in member promoting. I discovered a really decent web host, paid for my space – And, now I was prepared to manufacture my site… I choose to use WordPress to make my site – in my first endeavor. All things considered, my first endeavor was stunning – nobody needed to offend me – the site was quite good looking and easy to operate with WordPress. In any case, I was still in the gleam, and I must say, working. 7 Easiest Steps To Launch Self Hosted WordPress Blog in 30 Minutes

After all the upgrading and tweaking of my site, I trust it is currently satisfactory, brighter and charming to my guests. Then again, I, and additionally you, ought to understand that you are never finished with your site. You ought to dependably be taking a gander at approaches to enhance the appearance, items, and administration accessible to your guests.

Turning Into An Affiliate Marketing

You can’t be an offshoot advertiser without subsidiary items. All things considered, you can begin your adventure as an offshoot advertiser by taking a gander at the accompanying locales for things that fit your subject and of which you can make a affiliate marketing commission.

Presently, don’t be frustrated if a merchants’ percentage turn you down before all else – after you have your site up for some time, you will find that a few sellers will be dropping you an email and asking for that you offer their item for them. It’s complimenting, not with standing, make sure that you can mix it pleasantly into your site topi and start making profit from website.

Getting Your Feet Wet

The water may be frosty, lukewarm, or hot – it relies on upon your aptitude level when you start your voyage online (I trust my feet were wide open to the harsh elements stage when I began) – however you need to get your feet wet. Your examination, get every one of your ducks in a move, and start your trip. In the event that you sit vacillating too long, you will never bounce in.

Get what Internet instruments you can, read all that you can, and stay positive, regardless of the possibility that it implies you need to step far from your PC for a day or two to regroup your musings.

As should be obvious from my experience, I bounced in, had a few mishaps, a few disillusions, additionally some individual triumphs. The most vital thing to recall is to close your brain to your own particular negative musings, and the negative expressions of everyone around you.

Why? Because They can handicap you, and moderate or even end your trip toward achievement.

On the off chance that you know instinctively, that what you are doing will succeed – say nothing – simply fight the good fight. Before long, the naysayers will be stating something positive.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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7 Ways To Start Making Profit From Your Website Surprisingly Fri, 02 Oct 2015 17:28:00 +0000 Having an own website is really a prestigious thing  now a days. But have own website or blog on self hosted hosting account is more reputable. Well if you don’t have website !  No worry you can create your own website in just 30 minutes from now.  You can get help from my post here 7 Easiest Steps To Launch Self Hosted WordPress Blog in 30 Minutes.

Ok… Our main topic is how to start making profit from website. There are lots of ways to get income from website, but I am going to share most best 7 Ways to start making profit from your website. As lot of people from all over world are getting passive income with website and these amazingly  successful ways.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is well known platform of industry as when you make promotion of any companies website and make any sale or generate a lead for them they give you share of your work. To start affiliate marketing its not necessary to have a website. You can do it directly with promotion of companies URL or link to ad-networks. Company independently provide you unique link embedding your affiliate id. You just have to make promotion of that link and when people click on it make any purchase or just make sign up you will receive a share of your work in amount of Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, Rupees or any currency depending on your affiliate companies payment method. Kindly refer figure to know more basic steps involved in affiliate marketing.

Steps Involved In Affiliate Marketing

Steps Involved In Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to join individual company then you can join for affiliate network. There you must have to sign up with affiliate network and get approval. After getting approved affiliates you can join any of Company listed with that affiliate network to start making promotion of their programs.  You can get more information on affiliate marketing here 3 Simple Steps For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of affiliate networks are presently providing  really great tools. Here are a few locations you’ll be able to research on —ClickBank,  LinkShare, PayDotComPaySpree, Share A Sale etc. By joining them you can start making promotions of affiliate programs on your own website and start making profit. I would Like to recommend you to join AffiloramaAffilorama is The Best Academy To Learn Professional Affiliate Marketing.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is really great service offered by Publisher networks via through you can earn passive income. As you get paid for every click and every impression you receive on your website. Pay Per Click majorly known with its abbreviation PPC.

PPC Networks

PPC Networks

Firstly you have to join any of publisher network. I will recommend you yo join Adsense. There other networks are also good to go with them few are Chitika, SpeedyAdsBidVertiser, VigLink After joining publisher network you will receive unique script code. Or you can get that code of your choice as per color and Sizes. There few standard sizes are there so you must have to choose any of it to place advertisement on your website to publish them. When people see that ads or click on it you will receive $0.05 upto $150. It’s totally depends on  topic of your website and niche of your website.


Ads that are Cost Per Action, (or CPA), are similar in appearance to pay-per-click ads. Like pay-per-click ads, they show themselves in the form of small text advertisements on the top, bottom, left or right sides of the website. Yet, unlike pay-per-click ads, they pay when an action occurs. This action could be a visitor making a sale or signing themselves up as a lead, but that’s the extent of it. Clicks in and of themselves are not considered valid actions. CPAWay, CPALead are well know CPA Networks you can join them and start using their services.

Selling eBooks

E-books are the same as ‘regular’ books only they are in electronic form. They can be read on computers, PDAs, special e-book readers or smart phones. In terms of topics, e-books can be fiction, non-fiction or informative self-help books. However, in the world of Internet marketing, most e-books that are distributed tend to be of an informative nature. In fact, do you remember reading about Clickbank earlier? If you want to see examples of the types of e-books that webmasters are more likely to sell, simply look through Clickbank’s product listings. Alternatively, you can also do a search on E-Bay for e-books that are available for auction.

So, how do you obtain e-books for sale? If you have a talent for writing, you can simply create one yourself. You can use Microsoft Word or special e-book software to accomplish this goal. If you don’t have a talent for writing, you can hire a writer or buy either private label content or e-books with resale rights. Private label content should be what you go after if you want to change anything within the e-book. On the other hand, if your only goal is to sell, then getting e-books with resale rights is the way to go.

Drop Shiping ‘Niche’ Products

Wholesaling is when you buy inventory at a significantly lowered price then sell it to consumers. You hold all the responsibility for packaging and shipping methods. Conversely, with drop shipping you only purchase inventory when you make a sale from a 5 customer. Once you let the company know you need a product delivered, they will take care of the shipping and packaging. Drop shipping is an extremely convenient choice for an Internet newbie, but it tends to offer less profit margin than wholesaling. Regardless, before you can wholesale or drop ship with most companies, you will need a business license. The exception is, which is a drop shipper that will work with individuals who have not yet gotten a business license or don’t wish to get one.

Selling a Niche Service

Do you have a talent for doing something? Maybe it’s crafting or word processing. Maybe it’s word-working. Maybe it’s repair work. Regardless of what it is, if you market it properly, you can use your skill as an additional income stream. And, as you might have already suspected, ‘marketing properly’ means making sure you advertise your service to a niche market. So, just as described above, use a keyword analyzer such as Word Tracker to determine what your niche markets are. Once you have discovered this niche, you can go on and start creating your website around it.

Selling Online Advertising Space

Once your website starts receiving traffic, you will want to consider selling advertising space to other webmasters. To do this you can either make a separate webpage dedicated to advertising or sell banner space on the top, sides or bottom of your website. Price-wise you can charge per impression, (if you’re selling banner space), or monthly. If you charge per impression you can do this on your own, provided you have the right scripts and tracking software or you can use a separate service such as, (which takes care of everything for you).

Hope you will love to make money with using these best platforms on your website to don’t be late start earning today. If you want to get new website get information here on blogging How to Start Blogging : Beginners Guide From Start To End.

Still if you have any questions for me about how to start, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll help you out with any problems.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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3 Simple Steps For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:01:00 +0000 What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an design involving a on-line product owner and affiliate marketer, that the affiliate marketer makes any fee pertaining to making gross sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant’s website.

Affiliate Marketing Channel

If you need to end up being a joint venture partner professional and generate income out of the World-wide-web, you might follow these kind of 3 most basic ways to get started on your own effective internet affiliate marketing strategy.

1st Step for Affiliate Marketing

Choose is usually to distinguish a unique specific niche market you are looking at as well as excited about therefore you won’t end up being bored and required to build up your own affiliate marketer internet site afterwards. Working on a specific region an individual recognized properly, it helps an individual reveal your very best self. Here are a few locations you’ll be able to research on — ClickBank Current market,  LinkShare, PayDotComPaySpree, Share A Sale and so far.

2nd Step for Affiliate Marketing

Second is usually to find great having to pay stores and high renovating goods. Make a listing of great having to pay and high renovating affiliate marketer software programs on your decided on specific niche market and make a website. Within picking out the products, you should in addition look at the assistance they may be giving — Advertising and marketing resources can sometimes include articles or blog posts, text message links, banner ads, classified ads, stories, and so far.

There are lots of affiliate marketer systems and affiliate marketer alternative vendors that may supply you with facts about probably the most successful goods and greatest having to pay stores. Therefore end up being sensible plenty of to find the correct affiliate marketer method.

3rd Step for Affiliate Marketing

Right now what you have decided which is good product to market and have designed your personal internet site which has a website name specially Domain Name and trustworthy web hosting service, an individual will be ready encourage. This is the most difficult part, because it is usually as a result of this kind of which you can raise traffic towards business website, gross sales and lastly, benefit. Within internet affiliate marketing, you possibly can generate big amounts connected with money in this short course of your time if you utilize the proper tactics and procedures. On how to market the products?

You will need to still educate yourself by simply reading through guides, programs as well as some other articles or blog posts on-line concerning the greatest and established promoting tactics.

Don’t forget, there isn’t any quick path in direction of success. Affiliate marketing might seem very luring due to numerous pushing recommendations connected with stores and web marketers as well who’ve benefited from it, but it really consists of inside a great deal of hard work and perseverance. People should also end up being imaginative and versatile.

You possibly can do your affiliate business on your path in order to wonderful success. You just have to follow proper tactics inside internet affiliate marketing.

Learn Professional Affiliate Marketing

Affilorama is The Best Academy To Learn Professional Affiliate Marketing


Importance of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing operates in the win-win situation for the product owner and also the affiliate marketer. The particular product owner gets options to advertise the product without cost to a greater marketplace that’ll raise the gross sales. The greater hard-working affiliate marketers help them to grow their sale to get commission by working as Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketer get share on sale of particular product listed in marketplace. By making promotion he brings more valuable customers to product owner where sales are made and after sales Affiliate marketer gets his share.

Its not so hard to start affiliate marketing anyone can Build A Website and Get own Feet Wet In Affiliate Marketing.

Hope you will enjoy my article . If have any question or doubt can ask me by commenting or contacting me.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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