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The method behind BINGY allows anyone to rank a brand new site as well as existing websites on page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords in days.

This really is the quickest route (through the back door) to top SERPs… and it certainly isn’t theory either.Bingy Review


Product author:         Mark Bishop et al
Product name:           Bingy
Official site :               Click here
Launch Date:              2015-12-22
Launch Time:             11:00 AM
Front-End Price:         $14.5-$17
Niche:                         SEO & Traffic

Introducing the Bingy

–    BINGY is first and foremost a step by step over the shoulder ranking formula which consist of 5 detailed videos (over 50 minutes), Full PDF Transcribes and MP3s for each video. A PDF version of the ranking formula – Full notes, updates and links to the handpicked and trusted Fiverr service provides I personally use.

–    But most importantly BINGY is a course based on results which anyone can verify for themselves by simply logging into Bing.


DOWNSELL  ( $9.77 )

  • We understand that people are often jaded by the IM industry and sometimes fail to see actual value in a product which is why we decided to offer a downsell to BINGY.
  • As a downsell to BINGY we still deliver the entire formula to your customers only in a LITE version.
  • If your subscribers decide to purchase our downsell then they will still receive the PDF version as well as the notes, updates, service provider links, as well as the case study and proof.

OTO 1  ( $37 )

  • Google is King – we all know that and so do our subscribers. In BINGY2 we use the impact from our Bing ranking strategy to rack up SERPs in Google.
  • Bing and Google have very different algorithms the upshot is – we can easily GAME Bing’s. Having said that both Bing and Google share a common goal which becomes easier to roll out in Google and exploit once BINGY (the Bing version has taken affect).
  • BINGY2 (Google Edition): Consists of another six over the shoulder videos, Main PDF, Product Creation PDF (Lead magnets), 4 PDF transcribes & MP3s, Notes + Links to service providers Plus of course the all-important case study and ranking proof.
  • Yep we are ranking in Google too!

DOWNSELL 1 ( $17 )

  • Just like BINGY we’re offering a LITE version of BINGY2… It’s highly unlikely that anyone who buys BINGY will want to pass on the chance of jumping all over the Google Edition – But just in-case they do we have them covered.
  • Sure it’s the LITE version but we still deliver the whole method… just without the videos, bells and whistles.

OTO 2 ( $47 – $67 – $97 )

  • BINGY Reseller / Whitelabel
  • As close to a business in a box as it gets… During launch your customers will have the opportunity to purchase a reseller licence to the whole BINGY funnel – 100% profit on everything without the headache – Use our marketing material, videos, sales pages, delivery, customer support the lot.

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $14.5 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?



If you’re tired of being overwhelmed, if you’re tried of taking shots in the dark, and wasting time, money and energy on unsuccessful and unproven books – this will fix that for you.

I am sure that Bingy  is the best choice for everyone who want to make cash flow from internet business. “A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!


Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review Link Management Wed, 25 Nov 2015 14:32:06 +0000 Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review

Have You heard before about Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. Every blogger have dream to become successful blogger. Now the term successful blogger include most important thing and that is affiliate marketing. Are you with best Affiliate link management WordPress plugin ? Which helps you increase your sales? Here is awesome Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review.

Most of bloggers & newbie affiliate marketers are still struggling. They want to make huge money with Affiliate marketing, But due to lack of optimization they can’t. The optimization of an affiliate link is easy when you are using the right tool. Today I am introducing you a free WordPress affiliate link management plugin. That comes with amazing add-ons to let you make more money with affiliate marketing.

This plugin addon & bundle is awesome. More in it later, for now let’s have a look at the review of ThirstyAffiliate plugin.

Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin Review

The Thirstyaffiliate WordPress plugin is free & you can download it from here. This Affiliate link management plugin comes with all the feature which Go codes. Along with that, there are many advanced feature. which I have mentioned below. In this review you’ll know about the amazing addons. which makes this best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress.

Once you have downloaded and installed plugin, go to ThirstyAffiliate plugin settings. This is where you will make onetime setup of all major features and then your work of adding a link will pretty easy.

I am using Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin in recent months. Getting more CTR. So this is the time to write ThirstyAffiliates opinion. Lots of affiliate marketers find good affiliate link management plugin. ThirstyAffiliates is one of the great plugin that  every blogger should have. You must know about, why they need management software affiliate network or software.

Why software management affiliate network or software is needed?

If you often use affiliate links in your website or blog. Then you must use a network management software affiliate or plugin. The reason to use a network management software affiliate may be many, I am listing some of them.

  1. Your readers does not like affiliate links. As they may feel that you are promoting them products and get commissions for that. Software management affiliate plugin plays important role. It puts a links hidden and pointing to your own website. As This is called camouflage ties. In this way, users do not know that they are using affiliate links or not.
  2. If you are using an affiliate link in a lot of and now pages link member has died then, what will you do. You may need to change the affiliate network pages manually and is a time taking process. With the network management software affiliate simply change the relationship once. It will be to help you save your time and give you more options to experiment with affiliate marketing. You can try changing pages Affiliate destiny by changing affiliate link in one place.
  3. Knowing affiliate link performance (clicks on affiliate links) is important for each affiliate. Yes, you can get this information from your affiliate program or network. But what if you are using a lot of programs and affiliate networks? With the network management software affiliate you can follow all links performance. This is another time-saving feature in the software management affiliate network.

This is another time saving feature in affiliate link management software. There are many more benefits of using the affiliate link management software or plugin. ThirstyAffiliates Comes With many features Including what I have listed above.

ThirstyAffiliates is WordPress plugin for managing affiliate network. Since this is a WordPress plugin that can not be used as a standalone software. I will not tell the details ThirstyAffiliates list features only a short list. You can check all features on the website ThirstyAffiliates.

  • Link cloaking / shortening
  • URL link prefixes Customizable
  • Options DoFollow / NoFollow
  • Open affiliate link in a new window option
  • can add images to affiliate links
  • affiliate link statistics tool for analysis click
  • Web crawler robot and blocking statistics
  • Quick Stats on the screen List link affiliate
  • Automatic linking keywords add
  • automatically add affiliates around the site

I used some plugins management affiliate links before. But I was not satisfied with them so consider switching to a new plugin. But there was some concern before moving to a new plugin. As already using the plugin, and there were a lot of pages with an affiliate link. To switch to another plugin means that I had to change affiliate on each page. This could be a difficult task. I was looking for a plugin that can make it easy. ThirstyAffiliates comes with Addon Importer (with the Premium version). You can import affiliate links, MBP Ninja Affiliate Programs and updates affiliates links automatically. This solved my concern to update affiliate links.

What I like ThirstyAffiliates

Easy installation: ThirstyAffiliates settings are easy. Not make you confused and can easily change as needed.

Adding Link: Add a new affiliate network easily with ThirstyAffiliates.  Just enter the link name, affiliate URL, select the category of membership and save it. You can add a new affiliate link in just 30 seconds.

An Application : Add link affiliate to a keyword is very easy in ThirstyAffiliates. ThirstyAffiliates plugin adds an icon in the toolbar of the addition of a new post or page. By Clicking ThirstyAffiliates icon, you can choose link you want to insert or can search for link. In one click, you can convert a keyword into affiliate network. And if  choose affiliate link NoFollow and opens in a new window these adjustments can be auto apply.

Statistics: With statistical supplement you can track all your clicks. As number of clicks received for affiliate links or a particular affiliate link. This helps me to track the performance of an affiliate link.

ThirstyAffiliates opinion

Addon AutoLinker: Recently Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin have added Addon AutoLinker. (Comes with only the Professional version), which can convert certain word  into affiliate link. In this way, you can increase your affiliate earnings.

Support: When you buy a premium Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. Your first expectation is to win support. Support is impressive ThirstyAffiliates get a quick response and with the correct answer.

Prices: Prices of ThirstyAffiliates is reasonable. ThirstyAffiliates offers three options and all plans.. That is the best part ThirstyAffiliates Price starts from $39 for the standard version. Which may be fine for a lot of bloggers. The Premium version, which costs $59 and comes with two accessories importer Addons. The Professional version includes all the features and also Addon AutoLinker and cost $79.

If ThirstyAffiliates buy?

If you do something under your affiliate marketing blog, then you should use ThirstyAffiliates. It is a great product with good support. And this will not disappoint you.  This ThirstyAffiliates plugin  comes with 60 days satisfaction warranty .

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing & Discount coupon

As I mentioned above, this plugin is free of cost & you can download it from WordPress repo here. The addons are available as a single purchase, or you can buy the bundle. Here is the pricing for different bundle.



Since they are offering a huge discount of 35%, I would recommend buying the bundle. I purchased The lot bundle that gave me access to all the addons & I can use it on unlimited sites. This is one-time offer that you should not miss & grab it before it’s gone.

In upcoming post, I will share how to use addons of Thirstyaffiliates WordPress Plugin. For now, I would like to  know your review of Thirstyaffiliates WordPress plugin. Do share about this plugin & offer with your blogger  friends.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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MaxCDN Review : The Best CDN Solution for WordPress Fri, 20 Nov 2015 01:20:47 +0000 Increasingly site speed is an important SEO factor, which is why use MaxCDN. Read my MaxCDN review.

MaxCDN Review


Here is MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN is Reliable CDN service, designed to suit all bandwidth needs. With 16 points of presence (POPs) strategically located around the globe. MaxCDN has more than enough edge connectivity.

16 edge locations data centers
America, Europe, Asia, Australia
10GB connections
$0.079/GB (USA & EU traffic)
30-day money back
CMS support
serious security

Make your website
faster with MaxCDN!

All features enabled.
No bandwidth limits.
No commitment.


Advanced Features

Speed, security, reliability and customization – everything you need to be successful.

Control Panel Yes
Realtime Reporting Yes
Origin-Pull Yes
Push Yes (upload to CDN servers)
Gzip Yes (handled by CDN)
Custom CNAMEs Yes
CMS Plugins WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more


The free trial comes with all features enabled.

Use as much bandwidth as you need. No commitment.

Simple Pricing with High Performance

Designed to suit all bandwidth and price needs. From 100gb to 350tb+, MaxCDN costs are some of the most competitive in the industry. Starting as low as $9/month.

100GB 500GB 1TB 5TB
Bandwidth 100 GB/mo 500 GB/mo 1000 GB/mo 5000 GB/mo
Websites 2 3 5 7
Additional Websites $12/year $12/year $12/year $12/year
Custom SSL $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Secure Tokens $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Paid Monthly $9/mo $39/mo $79/mo $299/mo
Paid Annually $7.50/mo $32.50/mo $65.83/mo $249.17/mo
Annual Savings $18 $78 $158.04 $597.96


The free trial comes with all features enabled. Use as much bandwidth as you need. No commitment.

Reliable CDN Service with High Peering Capacity MaxCDN’s servers are strategically located worldwide and have direct reach into over 90 countries. 16 edge servers in premium data centers with best-in-class SSD-powered hardware for increased speed and reliability.
North America: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Virginia Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo Australia: Sydney

Why use a CDN?

A CDN drastically improves your site’s load time by distributing the static content across the all servers in their global peering network. When a visitor requests a page, the static files are served from the CDN’s server which is physically closest to his/her (the visitor’s) location. Static files include JavaScript and CSS files, images, custom web-fonts and other web objects.

Benefits of using a CDN:

  • There is a significant increase in the site’s speed and overall performance
  • A substantial amount of the host server’s bandwidth is saved
  • Load balancing during ‘traffic spikes’
  • A fast site helps improve conversion rate and search engine ranking (Google considers site speed as one of its ranking factors)

Benefits of using MaxCDN

I’ve listed some of the features I like best about MaxCDN. I hope you find them as interesting and useful as I do:


MaxCDN offers a powerful API to for easy integration into your apps, in the programming language of your choice. They have repositories in GitHub for the following languages:

  1. .NET
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. Perl
  6. Node (NPM)

They also have a Twitter account dedicated to developers called @MaxCDNDeveloper

Competitive Pricing

MaxCDN Pricing In my MaxCDN review I have offers a very reasonable pricing despite its brand value. An annual subscription will get two months free. Plans start at 9 USD per month, with a limit of 2 zones. The same plan would cost you 90 USD annually (instead of the usual 108 USD).

High volume pricing starts at 499 USD/month for 10TB, including a 1 on 1 setup call. And guess what, the annual discount applies here too!

Lucrative Affiliate Program

MaxCDN Affiliate ProgramMaxCDN review also explain about there affiliate program deserves a special mention. They treat their customers as well as people who bring them customers – with equal respect. The minimum you earn per referral, is 20 USD. Maximum? A jaw-dropping, double semester funding $12,500 USD. To make things even more irresistible, they have a two-man dedicated affiliate team to help us out – over the phone, email or Skype!

MaxCDN Review : Keep Small Business Owner in Picture

In all of our researching the various content delivery options available, we can’t help but come away with the feeling that most providers consider themselves some kind of elite option worthy of only the highest pedigree of content. With astronomical prices, complex coding integration, unusual techniques, and absolutely zero support for third-party software, it’s as if being an industry-leading CDN requires you to snub your nose at the developing webmaster.

However, not all content delivery providers are the same, as evidenced by the quality option that is MaxCDN. If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your content across the globe, you do have an option in MaxCDN that won’t slash your budget, won’t require you to change your content from the ground-up, and won’t treat you like a second-rate customer, to boot.

MaxCDN Review : A Proven Track Record

As a provider of content acceleration services, few names carry as much lineage or as long of a track record as MaxCDN. The company has been with us since virtually the beginning of content delivery technology, paving a way for the modern innovations that are now taking effect. As such, MaxCDN still draws in high-dollar business, as well as a laundry list of important clients—even with a focus on the small business and developing website. Among some of the company’s more notable clients are: BrokersWeb, BuySellAds, jQuery, TemplateMonster, and User Voice. Each of these trust their livelihood across the globe with MaxCDN. But why is this? What is it about the company that makes it such a powerful option? From the ground up, the quality that is the MaxCDN experience begins with the company’s hardware network.

MaxCDN Review : Uncompromised Quality

Lots of providers claim to have a truly global presence, but with a whopping network capacity of over 10 gigabytes, MaxCDN can actually lay a claim to such service. This level of data transfer capacity supports a nearly unprecedented tens of thousands of connections per second, and all with a lossless packet transfer guarantee: This means that, no matter where your content is headed, it won’t be compromised during the move. Never again will you be forced to wonder if your end-users are receiving your data exactly as you intended it. With MaxCDN, you can rest assured that all of your content is marked “fragile,” and that each and every byte arrives as it was meant to.

With 16 edge locations around the globe (plus 56 peering partner locations), MaxCDN has more than enough edge connectivity to keep you at the cusp of any and all markets. This network also comes supported by a staggering 500-plus peer-based data centers. These cloud-oriented control points allow MaxCDN to expand your data even further into the world market, providing yet another layer of content delivery for your customers to draw from. All in all, if you’re looking to expand into markets the globe over, there’s no better option than MaxCDN.

MaxCDN Review : Dedicated to Your Success

However, it isn’t just a network size, strength, or bandwidth that we appreciate in MaxCDN. Rather, it’s their dedication to meeting the small business and start-up web operation where it stands. No other provider offers a full terabyte per month of transfer data for only $79 USD. That’s an incredible amount of transfer—that makes full use of the MaxCDN network—for far less than the cost of a single dedicated server.

In addition, no other provider that we can name is half as willing to work to integrate your content, sans troubles. Where most content delivery solutions might require you to rework your site from the ground up.  Changing code to meet their rigorous requirements and policies, MaxCDN Review comes to you. The provider MaxCDN is fully capable of working with most budget web hosts, including Amazon EC2, RackSpace, RackSpace Cloud, VPS, Media Temple, and Softlayer. MaxCDN is even willing to integrate your existing small-scale content delivery solutions into its network performance: This includes such options as WordPress CDN, a platform common to personal web owners.

About MaxCDN Review

Quite simply, if you’re looking for an unbeatable CDN experience at an unbelievable price, there’s no higher quality option than MaxCDN, especially where customer satisfaction and smooth integration are concerned. Hope my MaxCDN review help you to make decision of choice for Best CDN.

Abhijit is a Certified Digital Marketer and passion-driven creative individual based in Maharashtra (Karad). He is also Freelance Blogger, Enterprenuer and Webmaster.

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