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Wishpond : The Easiest Way to Generate & Manage Your Leads

About Wishpond

London Drugs, YYoga, Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto Sports Bar and Restaurant, what do all of these businesses in common? They all use Wishpond to power some aspect of their online marketing efforts. Whether you need to build up a new landing page from scratch to sell your new e-book, perform some A/B split testing to see which landing page has the best conversion rates, or you want to launch a fun giveaway to build up your Facebook fan base, Wishpond has an app for you.

Why Wishpond ?

Wishpond makes it easy for marketers to create landing pages and contests, track leads, send emails and more. Wishpond is a service website that has been set up to help internet marketers launch and test their advertising campaigns. Advertising is the most vital aspect of any internet marketing business – it can be expensive and have very little impact on profits if it isn’t done correctly. Testing various advertising campaigns is the ideal way to determine where you will achieve your best return on investment.

All-in-One Marketing Solution

As you make your way around the Wishpond product tour, you’ll quickly discover that it really is the Swiss Army knife of the online marketing world. There are several web-based tools that are easily accessible from the main dashboard, once you log into your account.

Wishpond Campaign


Wishpond works in much the same way for designing your own custom landing pages. You start with one of their many templates and then you can adapt it to suit your particular purpose. If you’re reasonably comfortable with a word processor or with something like WordPress, then you should have no trouble using this visual editor.

Wishpond Ads

Wishpond gives you power to boost traffic by ads. It gives you best option ever to target re-marketing for your ads.

Wishpond Ads
Wishpond Ads

You will be able to run your advertising campaigns across multiple platforms so that you can quickly determine where they are performing the best – this means that you will know where you should your time and money. You can segment your autoreponder emails based on lead-gen from responses. You will be able to A/B test various advertising setups (ad, landing page, and autoresponder) to see which combinations will perform the best. And, you will be able to set up and connect each and every step of your sales funnel – and do it without having to enter in any code.

Boost Your Social Presence

Wishpond Social Promotion
Wishpond Social Promotion

The Wishpond visual wizard was really easy to follow. I simply populated each of the different fields in the editor, providing the title, contest details, fine print and primary image. Basic formatting for the text is supported here too, so you can use bold, bullets, alignments and so on. Wishpond will automatically optimize the content to be viewed both on desktops and mobile devices.When you’re ready to go live with your contest, Wishpond provides you with the simple Javascript to paste onto your website or blog. Alternatively, your giveaway can be hosted on Wishpond itself, or posted via Twitter or Facebook. You also get a number of options for the entry method, like asking for a Captcha or getting users to upload the photo from Instagram or their computer. The wizard walks you through the whole thing and your contest can be up and running instantly.

Marketing Auto-motion

It would be impossible for me to go over all of the different apps and tools that Wishpond offers. Even if we look only at the possible contests, Wishpond can also power a photo contest, a Pinterest contest, a referral promotion, a video contest, a photo caption contest, and much more.

Wishpond Marketing Automotion
Wishpond Marketing Automotion

Wishpond Integration

Wishpond also gives you solid support with your third party integration you can connect to import/export leads between your Email Marketing App and your account as well as you can connect to import/export leads between your CRM App and your account.

Wishpond Integration
Wishpond Integration

Pricing Plans

Wishpond Price and plans
Wishpond Price and plans

All of the plans come with unlimited campaigns, dedicated customer support and online ads, and they all have a 14-day free trial. You will need to upgrade to the Plus plan to get like-to-see fan-gating. The Pro plan ads the leads database, email marketing, and advanced options like custom entry forms and CSS.

 Wishpond Tools 

Easy Drag & Drop Functionality – Simply drag and drop objects to build beautiful landing pages. No coding or experience is required.

Mobile Responsive Design – Build landing pages that look great on desktop, tablet & mobile devices. This vital now that Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly-sites in the Google Search results.

Powerful Form Builder – Add customizable forms with checkboxes, multiple-choice questions, drop-down menus, file upload fields and more.

Custom Javascript & Css – Use advanced CSS & Javascript to customize the look of your landing pages and add your own analytics tracking code. No advanced coding experience is needed.

A/B Split Testing – Test different variations of your page to maximize your offer conversions.

Dynamic Text Replacement – Use merge tags to personalize your landing pages based on information you know about your visitors.

Real-time Stats – Watch how your landing pages are doing with real-time analytics. This will allow you to make changes on-the-go as needed.

Facebook Integration – Publish your landing pages to Tabs on your Facebook Page with a single click.

Multi-User Support – Create multiple user accounts to make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues and/or co-workers.

Publish on your Domain – Easily publish your landing pages to your own domain and subdomains.

Lead Notification Email – Receive email notifications as soon as you get new leads on your Landing Pages.

Lead Activity Tracker – Your leads are kept in Wishpond Leads Database, where you can see all attributes and activities related to each lead.

Fully Integrated System – Wishpond Landing Pages are fully integrated with its Leads Database and Marketing Automation.

Embed on your Website – You can easily embed Wishpond’s mobile responsive landing pages on your own website.

WordPress – Use the WordPress Plugin to build landing pages in your WordPress dashboard and publish them to your site in a click. The WordPress platform is simply the best on the market.

Friendly Customer Support – Wishpond’s friendly support team is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you along the way.

API – Use Wishpond API to query your leads or synchronize your leads between your existing systems.

Fast Platform – Landing pages are designed to load fast to give your visitors the best experience, minimize bounce rates, and make the search engines happy.