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How to Get Higher Search Engine Rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Getting higher search engine rankings for website is a dream of every blogger. It’s important to get more targeted traffic to website. More traffic with low bounce rate is a key to increase page-rank and alexa of website. Higher page-rank and alexa can decide value of your website and this is the main aim to achieve.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask are most used search engines worldwide. Each search engine have own standard regulations to get site listed in search engines. Every website owner must have to take precautions while creating content for website. Because content on webpage must have accessible by spider and bots of search engine. Content is king. More and more unique content score higher search engine rankings. But with unique content, proper SEO of website is more important to get higher SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position).

Better SEO can improve your Search engine raking position. To perform best Search Engine Optimization there are few tips and trick I have mentioned here.

Higher Search Engine RankingsUnique and quality content

The interest in your content is important for higher search engine rankings position. If you have a quality web and focused on what you want to tell or communicate will appear in the top positions.

Think about who you want to go through your website. Focus all your effort into your users to content they find useful and interesting. Without a good content positioning every effort not impact a good sales conversion.

Get listed in search engines

A good idea is to include a sitemap of your website which serves to navigate around the document tree. Search engines will use sitemap to index your site. You can also use file ‘sitemap’. They can inform search engines about any webpages you can listed with having exact or LSI Keyword. For better performance create an XML file of lists URLs with extra metadata about every post and page.

Take care of the text of the titles

Try to make the title of each page of your website unique and referring to the issue of dealing document. I think that the title is the first thing that appears in search results and shown as a link.

Follow these tips when owner your pages:

-Use Short, descriptive, and not always repeat the same for all pages titles.

‘Try using those keywords for which want to appear on search engines.

-You must try to meet the expectations of user, going from the most practical to the most general.

‘Try not be long, do not exceed 70 characters.

Internal Structure: titles and subtitles

The pages and posts are elements of structure with content. Post and Pages show which parts are most important. HTML tag titles from most to least important following a sequence of labels ranging from h1 to h2. There is only one h1 title that matches the title of the website

If you want to get good position for post or page keywords, you say that your web content have a such keyword. The result is that your site will be more valued when positioned in searches related to that word.

There are also HTML tags that highlight the importance of a particular word. ‘Strong’ is one of them, which also highlights the user-facing text in bold. This is desirable to highlight the keywords you want to position higher in search engine rankings.

Labels ‘Meta’

The labels ‘Meta’ are part of the HTML code that is not visible to users, but contains relevant information about content of your website. They come in many types. The most important for positioning are:

-‘Description ‘. It contains the description of a page. It pays careful attention to the text of this meta tag, as is commonly used to present the data in the search results.

-‘Keywords’. Indicates the keywords on a particular post or page. It is good to tell to spiders that here are the ‘keyword/keywords’ that you want to get higher search engine rankings.

Links Type

A link has to be linked from a semantic point of view with the content you going. The user must give hints of what is to be found in the new page.

Avoid using links wildcard ‘More’, ‘Click here,’ ‘Detail’ or ‘More information’. Use sentences with meaning. If they contain a word for which you want to position the landing page, is more better for higher search engine rankings.

Structure of files and folders

One of the most important and sensitive when considering the points a website is to define its structure It also plays important role in higher search engine rankings. How do I group the pages? What sections will have my web? Looking positioning must take into account:

-Number of navigation levels – It is not advisable to have more than three levels of navigation.

-Nomenclature Each level – The names you use must be significant and, if possible, have the words to position.

-Using Parameters – If possible, avoid using parameters. Appearance of keywords in the URL is important especially when positioned that website.

External factors positioning

External ranking factors are those that do not depend on you, but other users or websites. One of the most important are the links that point to our site from others ‘sites’.

One way to get links to our website is giving more options for other pages link to our ‘site’:

-Generates Content interesting and useful to others.

-Update The content often. A greater number of articles become more interesting options.

Provides easy referable elements. Use other websites PDFs, RSS, functions that can used through APIs, etc.

Social networks are also important. Generate content with opinion about  people are on social networks. Meet networks and create a profile there throughout your website.

Now you will think that this is a easy work to get Get higher search engine rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. But is not easy it takes time, efforts and continuity.

Higher search engine rankings tool

For higher search engine rankings on Bing and yahoo you can use Bing ranker tool. It allows anyone to rank a brand new site as well as existing websites on page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords in days. Want to know more about this amazing tool to get higher search engine rankings check my review on Bingy a Best Tools for getting Higher ranking on Bing.

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I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my
own blog and was curious what all is needed to get set
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I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% sure.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers