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SEMRush Review : A Tool To Bring The KEY To Another Level


This is the case SEMRush, allowing us to better understand the SEO we are doing to our site and, above all, to know what our competition is doing to overcome it. There are tools that will allow us to bring our SEO strategy to the next level. In this article we look at first what SEMRush for later analysis show you one of our pages and see how to use it well.

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a tool for analyzing keywords for which a site is positioned. With this tool you will know what keywords must strengthen (we’re getting more visits, the CPC is higher, etc) and also by what keywords is positioning competition.

This application is a web application, so you do not need to download anything to use it. We just have to go through any browser, add a web and search. The only “catch” it is that is not free and without paying only allows access to certain information. If you have several web projects or websites you work with third parties to manage its positioning, I recommend you repay the fee in the long run you out quite profitable. They also tend to have many promotions in the net to get a good price on an annual subscription.

SEMRush guide how does it work?

Surely more than once have you come before this web application and you have not understood anything to do with it. We went from an analysis of this website, but as time is short, better to get a website that we older within Community of  own projects. Through analysis of this site, we will see the different options SEMRush offers. It is a guide for those who do not know how to use, so if you’re familiar with it you may seem too basic.

The first thing we have to do is go to the main page SEMRush. Add the URL you want to analyze (remember, ours or competition) and press search. Also choose the country in which you want to analyze your website and our website is focused on the Spanish market, we want to make India to analyze the results that Google gives to our country.

SEMRush Location

Block by block started seeing what offers this tool. The first thing we have is a ranking. In this way we will know that score has our website quite useful to know how we are compared to other competing sites. Or for example, to know whether it is worth buying a link or banner on other websites. With this tool no cheating possible.

On the right we find the evolution of traffic on our website. This may be interesting to identify penalties and whether we are doing things right or, on the contrary, we have problems and need to change the strategy. At the bottom we need to know the keywords that have positioned in different countries. Naturally, India has almost 100%, but it also means we have to work the keywords in other countries, for sharing language, we are losing a significant number of visits.

If we now enter the Organic> Positions page, we find something similar to that seen previously. But with a table that appeared and what SEMRush really interesting. Here we can see those keywords for which we are positioned. These can be sorted to see which ones give us more traffic, which give us more money because they have a higher CPC, etc. In this way we will know how we are positioned us at Google and how is our competition.

In our case, as the web Working in England profitable mainly with Adsense, we will classify the traffic cpc. The key word that gives us more money if people click on the ads is related to a website called SharedTalk and the master. From now on it will be a matter of talking about these issues for increasing revenue we have with Adsense.

This box will also allow us to know what keywords are positioning our competition. Perhaps we are missing an important keyword for disregard and that you are giving a lot of visits to our competition.

The Organic page Position Changes can check this box just up there. In it we see the major changes in our keywords. This will allow us to see how we are evolving in Google with our keywords.

On Organic Competitors get the picture there at the top. This is where the magic SEMRush of living can check out what the major competitors of our site based on common keywords, the search engine keywords, etc. Also, we will be able to analyze them one by one to see how they are doing and why have traffic also shows us this picture. All this can be sorted by clicking on the titles (as in all SEMRush tables), to see what our competitors have a higher number of keywords with us, which have more traffic, etc.

Is there any other option in the menu on the left to analyze our website or the competition, but I mainly stay because we have already seen is what really allows us to maximize our web. As I said before, this tool will not take off our website for the sake of analysis. What you need to do is use this tool to make the most of the keywords are giving us more money with Adsense, or to analyze the competition and see how we can “steal keywords”.

Analyze keywords

Another interesting application of this tool is to analyze keywords separately. The operation, again, is simple.

The first thing to do is find the keyword analyzed. In this case we will analyze “digital marketing”. The result appears to us on the first page, and here we can draw many conclusions about our keyword, we will do !.SEMRush Overview The first information you give us is that the CPC SEMRush this keyword is $ 3.88. That is, if we exploit our website with Adsense, we will earn around € 2 per click. If we buy Adwords advertising, then we will have to pay about 3 €. The search volume of the keyword is 1,900 to approximately month.

SEMRush Keyword

This chart also gives us some very interesting information to analyze keyword in question. The first thing is the phrase match report. In this way we will know what our sentences which includes keyword search volume are more and higher CPC. This may serve to give us ideas on terms to locate in our site and to look for alternatives in the event that the domain of our keyword is not available.

The second picture, showing us a report related keywords, allows us to analyze the keywords that SEMRush considered related and watch your volume and CPC. Perhaps I can interest us change our keyword with any of these or more than one position on our website to get the most to organic positioning of our website.

The third picture, and most importantly, it lets us know the competition for this keyword. In this way we will know who is ranked first for our keyword. Clicking on them we can analyze it to see what keywords position. This, together with other tool as ahrefs that allows us to analyze the links, let us know how tray has worked competitive a keyword is and how we can “attack” with a similar strategy.

And ultimately this is all that allows us to SEMRush. As you have verified this is an analysis for the novice in this tool. If you want to get more out of it is a matter of going experimenting, looking and taking advantage of all the information given to us to take the SEO of our sites or those of our customers to another level.