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How To Find Facebook Application ID & Admin ID For Open Graph Configuration

People like to share if they like your content with their Social Profiles Such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. All these Social accounts use Open Graph which is in your Blog/Websites Header Tag. This really help lot more with giving authority and uniqueness. As anyone share post link on Facebook or Twitter, It collect data from header tag and present it while sharing.

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Now if you are website/blog owner then you must have to get this feature. You can do it manually or with plugin (If site runs on CMS).

For configuration of Open Graph of Facebook it needs two details

  • Facebook Application ID
  • User ID of the Facebook Admin

Facebook Application ID

Now first of all you must have to create Facebook Application

To create Facebook Application Visit :

Faceboo Developer

After Clicking on Add a New App You have to choose set of your Application.

Facebook Application Setup

I have done it for Website So you can also go for Website.

After placing Domain name you will receive your Facebook Application ID. See Here.Facebook App ID

In other case as if you have Fan Page on Facebook, You can check it

Here you can get your Facebook Fan Page ID.

User ID of the Facebook Admin

To get Admin ID Visit :

Facebook Admin ID

Here you have to click on Add Domain.

Get Facebook Admin ID

Get your Admin ID. And use to configure Open Graph.

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In case if you have any other question, feel free to ask me via comments. If you have any additional tip to share, let me know via comments.