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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses

Friendly environment requires an active social media marketing strategy that begins with major social network.

Since the creation of social networks and other tools of interaction with the public, all companies have been forced to have a presence in the cyber cloud, regardless of size or type of business to which they belong.But in reality should not, because between one company and another there are many differences, not only in size or type of business, but in how they wish to project their image and identity, the type of audience they want to reach, among other aspects .

Social Media Marketing StrategiesSo if your business is a transnational, medium or small, you must consider to develop a different social media marketing strategy, in according to your needs, allowing you to enter the social media successfully. For example, a small business will not use the same strategy for a multinational company as customers, the public, and most importantly, budget, are different. If you have one of the famous SMEs and do not know what steps to take to realize the order to position yourself and reach your audience in the best way possible, OnesmartclicK shows you how.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Optimize images
has been proven that images are attracting more than 50%. In Facebook, they have interaction rate of 87% while 65% Twitter. You can choose many kinds, either computer graphics or other interactive materials to facilitate the relationship with your audience.

2. Use Google+
Can you have not taken into account the social environment, or think Facebook and Twitter are more important. You commented that sell through Google+ has its advantages, to begin Anyone with Gmail has a Google+ account automatically, meaning that almost all the visitors are there.

3. Include calls to action
Among the publications (in any social media) do not forget the reprimands. ‘Share’ or ‘Comment’ is far more useful than you think.

4. Displays comments
are positive or negative (omit those who truly hurt or defame your brand), it is always good to show the opinions of others. This practice may improve if you answer the comments and manage to clarify questions from users.

5. Make the 4-1-1 method
This simple but very effective way to give your content achieved so dynamic as possible, just follow these steps:
– Make 6 graphics parts and include them in your weekly schedule
– Four of them They must have relevant and quality content
– A must be educational, creative and fun
– Another must be specifically about a sale or discount

6. Test platforms that have not been exploited
Youtube, MySpace and Flickr even as they began and unknown platforms that have subsequently achieved great success. The trick is to know which means your audience can evolve more. Platforms like Yelp are now little known, but eventually promises a bright future, because this website (for example) is based exclusively to recommend places.

7. It offers the exclusivity factor
This point is excellent for companies that offer a service. You need your audience to feel that you brindas is ‘exclusive’ and that only selected people can enter. This strategy will encourage people to be part of your company and your services require.

8. Offers a permanent gift
for example a discount to last six months or even a free service for the first 100 people to buy your product or an affiliate plan.

9. Invites known
If you need a larger following, try your closest friends. People trust are necessarily best suited to attract new customers.

10. Segment your customer attraction sites
is one thing to attract them through a blog and quite another is through a website. While one already has users and followers, the other has only visitors. The importance of this point is to understand what kind of strategies you need to achieve in each platform.

11. facilitates the buying process
Users can get bored or regret buy if they see too great form. Facilítales work providing other means of payment but much easier as safe.

12. Looking for potential partners
To increase your chance of expansion you can consider joining a reputable company to form a franchise. So you maximize your profits and have more customers.

13. Interact always
Never neglect your social media, many of your customers are there and if they see a common activity do not believe that the relationship with them are serious.

14. It offers excellent customer
Remember that you are not a multinational company with many years of experience, but your reputation is being formed. It provides care first and so brindarás them a good experience to your audience.

15. Considers a reasonable plan in SEO
A small investment in positioning will not come bad. Especially if you do it for a promotion, it is the best way to make yourself known.

Social media marketing strategy for small business is one of the important factor for promotion, presence, traffic, leads and sales. Social media marketing strategy template, plans and strategy plays important role as every small, medium and enterprise companies have there social profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Myspace, Instagram, YouTube and around 50+ major social profile can give strong presence and engagement to users. Small business also get good results with their social media plan.

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So how are you companies optimized their sales (and yet they optimized the image) you can also get to do it, thanks to several Social Media Marketing Strategies. Remember that it must respond to the needs and weaknesses of your company